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Love but not hugs?

I wish I could get over the feeling of not really feeling loved as a kid. I think back and it really wasn’t that bad. I mean I was even spoiled in a lot of ways. I usually got what I wanted for Christmas and wasn’t forgotten on other holidays. I wasn’t hit or called … Continue reading

I broke the rules and I liked it…

I’m not really a rule breaker in general but with art I think “rules” are more like guidelines. ┬áSometimes these guidelines can help an image and sometimes I think they can hinder an image. Take the rule of thirds as an example. The rule of thirds is when a photographer breaks the view finder into … Continue reading

My Muse…

My Muse My inspiration comes from Artists such as Christopher Burkett. Also seeing other students art. I feel inspired when I see beautiful things in nature flowers,trees , birds…people… and unexpected beauty such as reflection in a puddle. My muse is an actual person my six-year old daughter Kailey. She is growing up so fast … Continue reading